Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Writer's Workshop!

CAUTION: This post contains a picture that may be disturbing to some viewers..

I am again attempting to do another Writer's Workshop by Mama Kat. These things are so fun..

I chose to do a list of dos and don'ts.. About doing colostomy bag changes. Most of you won't find this very entertaining seeing as most people don't get the.. wonderful.. experience of changing an ostomy bag. But JUST in case you ever are in that position, here is what you should and shouldn't do!

DO keep plenty of wipes within grabbing distance.

DON'T stick your face anywhere near the stoma because one muscle flex could turn that thing into a geyser.

DO get organized before attempting to start.. Especially if the person's bag you are about to change is a one year old.

DON'T breath through your nose. The smell will stick with you for a lot longer..

DO keep a bottle of the nifty M9 stuff they usually have at clinics and hospitals.. Febreeze or Lysol just masks the smell and makes it way, way worse..

DON'T forget to prep the skin barrier before you start because the warmer the wafer is the better it molds to the skin.

DO put that bag on over the wafer as soon as that thing is sticking to the skin.. The more poop that actually gets in the bag, the better!

DON'T let any hands get into the paste or the poop while you are changing the bag.. A lot of times those hands find.. MOUTHS.. after finding the paste.. And the poop..

DO find things to occupy said hands until every poopy surface is cleaned/covered..

DON'T forget to thuroughly wash your hands, face, arms, hair, clothes, carpet.. well, you get the hint... After the bag change is complete..

DO give said one year old lots of love when you are done.. The experience is just as.. overwhelming for her.. As it is for the bag changer..

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  1. I'll be sure to keep these in mind!
    You sure gotta little cutie...

    here by way of mamakat :)