Sunday, March 14, 2010


My baby girl has pneumonia..

Can't ya tell??

I couldn't.. I took her to the doctor because she was sleeping 18-20 hours a day.. But when she was awake it was all smiles and playing.. That's just how my baby rolls.. Nothing gets her down! Well, almost nothing.. Surgeries and c-diff are about the only things that really affect Olivia.. Now if it was me with pneumonia that would be a completely different story. I think I need to take lessons from my little girl. Have I ever mentioned how amazing she is??

On a different note, I finally got in contact with a woman who has been an amazing source of support and guidance throughout my journey into mothering a VACTERL baby.. She didn't know until now (while hopefully she reads this) how much of a rock she has been for me. The day that the doctors threw the acronym VACTERL at me, I hit the books.. Actually, the Internet because in this day and age that's just where we go to for information. Anyway.. While I was looking it up, I stumbled upon her blog for her amazing son, Brody. Brody is very similar to Olivia.. What really drew me to him was the fact that he has not one but two radial club hands. And I was worried about my child who only has one!! He has shown me (along with Olivia, who continues to amaze me) that I have absolutely NOTHING to worry about in that department. They are amazing!!

And so I have decided that I am all for arranged marriages.. Olivia will one day marry this amazing little boy. No one else will do.. She can't marry anyone any less amazing than Brody and I feel it would be impossible to find any other guy more amazing than him.. It would be perfect.. I want Olivia to always know that she is NOT alone. There are other people in this world that are in the same boat that she is in. She is not the only person that will have four digits on each hand. She is not the only person that feels like a celebrity every time she goes to the hospital because the staff are so familiar with her.. I just think that Brody and Olivia would be the perfect pair!!

I am not entirely serious.. I just like to entertain the idea.. The main thing is that I want Olivia to have a friend who has the same struggles and triumphs as her.. Someone who really understands because they have "been there done that".. Is that too much to ask? Probably a little more reasonable than setting her up for marriage..