Thursday, February 11, 2010

Adventures In the Urgent Care Waiting Room...

Having a medically complex baby, I sometimes feel like we LIVE in the the hospital, clinics, ER.. whatever.. You get the drift.. Tonight we took Olivia in because we didn't think her antibiotics were helping her bladder infection.. There were some interesting characters there tonight.

Interesting character #1: A 19 year old mother of a four month old. She talked and she talked and she talked.. At one point she and some complete stranger discussed their breast feeding woes while a group of about three men and three women were forced to listen in..

Interesting character #2: A guy who hurt his arm pretty badly.. He didn't say much.. He didn't have to.. You could see the bewilderment on his face..

Interesting character #3: The friend of character #2.. Obviously messed up on some sort of drug. I was uncomfortable even looking at him.. He was quite paranoid and couldn't handle sitting in the waiting room.

Interesting character #4: The most interesting one of all.. And the whole reason for this post actually.. She was a late 30's early 40 something year old woman.. She came in carring a crap load of medications.. She claimed to have an impacted tooth, but in actuality was a drug seeker. She said she just moved here from Rockford where she was homeless with her three year old son who was just taken away from her.

The whole two hours we sat in the waiting room, we had to listen as she called her ex or current boyfriend every 15 minutes.. He never answered and we had the pleasure of listening in on her nasty messages accusing him of everything and anything you could think of..

It was a long two hours.. It was an interesting two hours.. And I am so glad to be out of there.. It really takes all kinds, huh?

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